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Pasture Raised

Rotationally Grazed


Pasture Raised

Rotationally Grazed


Pasture Raised

Rotationally Grazed

 We specialize in ecological agriculture.

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Singing Prairie Farms

We Never Get Our Pork From This Type of Farm!

I want to see more factory farms because it is better for the environment, good for the pig and makes the meat taste better!

(Said, no one ever.)

About Singing Prairie Farms

John and Holly Arbuckle are the co-founders of Singing Prairie Farm in La Plata, Missouri. A working farm, Singing Prairie raises non-GMO, pasture raised pigs. We utilize regenerative agricultural practices that improve the soil and sequester carbon. By implementing a strategic plan for proper grazing, the animals on Singing Prairie improve the resiliency of the soil, the abundance of edible forage, the quality of water in the streams, the amount of wildlife habitat, and the robustness of the nutrition in the meat it produces.

Since 1985, 84% of independent, family-owned pig farms have been put out of business by large factory farms. A ninth generation farmer, John has a long-term vision for re-creating sustainable, family farms throughout America. To that end, we work with other non-GMO, pasture raised small farms, who meet our strict standards, to help increase the amount of healthy, nutritious pork available to people everywhere.


Can I buy pork from Singing Prairie Farm?

No, we have found that partnership is the best way to get our premium, pasture raised, heritage pork out to people who care about where their food comes from.

For a delicious and healthy snacking option, we recommend our farm product, Roam Sticks. Our pork will soon be available in new paleo baby food, My Serenity Kids.

Where can I buy your pork?

Frozen pork cuts can be purchased through the online retailers, Vital Choice or Butcher Box.

How does ecological agriculture benefit you and your family?

In practicing ecological agriculture, Singing Prairie Farms uses cultivation techniques that do not rely on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth stimulants or artificial genetic modifications. Healthy farming means healthy food for all people, including your family.

Polyface Farms’ Endorsement of Roam Sticks

Joel Salatin

Integrity convenience food is perhaps the largest unfulfilled market need in America. Hot Pockets are junk. Welcome Roam Sticks to that space. Why do convenience and snack foods have to be junk? Why can’t they be part of the land and societal healing equation? I’m glad Roam Sticks exists to push this space and I think thousands of people looking for high quality convenience food will be as well. Polyface collaborates with Roam Sticks to offer a Virginia pastured pork version of these delicious, nutritious, pig-respecting and land-healing snacks.

—Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms (regenerative farmer, author, and public speaker, featured in NY Times BestsellerThe Omnivores Dilemma, and the award-winning documentary, Food Inc.)

How We Farm

The maxim “pigs cannot eat grass” has never been adequately explained to my pigs. Maybe they are rebels. Black and red porcine pirates chowing down the ocean of green grass that they swim through. Maybe they live to confound agricultural experts. Maybe they delight in doing what is expected to be impossible. Or perhaps they are just carefree opportunists, . . .


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